What we do.

Precision Care is an after-hours, APRN-owned telephonic medical service. We contract with a client — a physician’s office, retail clinic, FQHC, or other healthcare organization.

Our APRNs access your patients’ records through your EHR.

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How it works.

1. The patient phones in.

When a patient phones the provider after hours, the APRN has access to and reviews the medical record via a remote connection to the patient’s EHR. A telephonic visit is documented and if the patient is going to the hospital, the backup MD is alerted and updated records are sent to the ED.

2. If the issue hasn’t been resolved…

The patient will then be referred to the primary care team. A follow up appointment with the patient’s physician is scheduled (typically same day) to address the patient’s concerns. If the issue cannot be resolved without an in-person assessment, some organizations have RN’s on call are able to do collaborative visits with the Precision providers for further evaluation and management.

Precision Care, LLC are contracted by PACE and do not bill the patients.

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Why we do what we do.

  • We love taking care of people. We recognize the need to care for everyone.
  • Self care is essential. Work/life balance increases retention rate and provides better quality of work life.
  • With life expectancy going up, we see the gap and are filling it with our advanced care for seniors.
  • Government and commercial payers want organizations to do more with less. Our service enables just that.
  • We allow healthcare organizations to provide remote, 24/7 care.
  • Our services help you grow as a business, so you can handle other matters while we handle after-hours service.
  • Due to the COVID pandemic, reimbursements for telehealth and virtual services have gone up.
  • Owners want to make a difference in healthcare delivery and make life better for all privileged to care for patients, all while continuing to provide high quality, compassionate care.

What we don’t  do.

Precision Health does not own a medical record system, or keep documentation outside the patient’s electronic medical record system owned by our clients.

Precision Health has no patients, therefore it does not bill the patients directly. It has a flat fee contract with the client organization who handles all of its patient billing

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